I met guitarist of the band Spirits of Stygia

After the performance of band Knocked loose, I was absolutely devastated. Their sound was heavy as the sun, so moshpit was accordingly hardcore too.

After their performance, I went to meet and greet to thank the band for a great time they brought with them. While waiting for the band members to come, I met there a friendly Slovenian dude. We started to chat with each other and he revealed to me that he is the guitarist in the band Spirits of Stygia. I wrote that band name to my notes to check them out later.

Photo of me and guitarist of Spirits of Stygia

Now nearly 3 weeks later after we have met I finally checked them out and damn… they are excellent!

They have recently released a single Graveyard of thoughts with a music video. You should definitely check them out. I love this single so much that I have already bought it on bandcamp.