About me

I am student studying of Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. I am specializing in Artificial Intelligence and theoretical computer science. My interests beside Computer science and Mathematics are Theology and Philosophy. I am also huge tea enthusiastic. My favorite sports are climbing and skiing. I am member of GGU.

- Jan Černý



„Nejlepší myšlenka je ta, která ponechává vždy určitou skulinu pro možnost, že všechno je současně úplně jinak.“

- Václav Havel

„Best idea is the one, which lets always small slit for possibility, that everything can be totally different.“

- Václav Havel

About BlackBlog.cz

This is my personal blog where I will publish mainly:

Main purpose of this blog is my own effort to learn how to write and give others (hopefully) something interesting to read.

Page technical philosophy

This Blog (and every other web project I’ve done) is made with this principles in mind: