China Yin Zhen


I bought this tea when I was in Heidelberg. There was a small tea shop right next to the magnificent building of the famous university. Of course I had to visit it. One of the teas I bought there is this one.

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Tea info

  • Name: China Yin Zhen
  • Meaning of mane: Silver needles
  • Type: White tea
  • Cultivar: Da Bai
  • Blend: No
  • Form: Loose leave
  • Price: 30€/100g
  • Origin

  • Place: China
  • Year: 2018
  • Seller: TeaGschwendner
  • Link: Here
  • Brewing

  • Brewing style: Gong Fu
  • Water temperature: 80°C
  • Amount: 6g
  • Water: cca 200ml
  • Infusion time: 20s
  • Number of infusions: 5

  • Sensation


    Dry leaf

    Canoe-shaped long narrow leaves. Velvet surface. Pale light green leaves. Light gray hairs from one side.

    Wet leaf

    The leaves fot much larger. The hairs are no longer visible. The leaves opened and became hazy green.


    Very light beige.


    Dry leaf

    Dry wood and hay. Like a walk through the mowed meadow in late summer.

    Wet leaf

    Dried apricots and dried flowers. Very strong and pleasant aroma.

    Empty cup

    Oily fruity aroma. Closest to the smell of freshly cut peaches.



    Creamy, slightly oily.


    Delicate grassy taste. Very light. Light wood and bitter tones. Also a little bit of taste of walnuts.


    Astrigent and bitter aftertaste.


    Definitely a very interesting tea. I appreciate its very strong and pleasant aroma which filled the whole room. The taste was very light and refreshing. The bitterly astrigent end was a little disturbing. It is a pity, because otherwise it is an excellent tea. The imperfections are small, but they should not be in this price range.