Phoenix Eyes

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Tea info

  • Name: Feng Yan
  • Meaning: Fenix eyes
  • Type: Green tea
  • Cultivar: Da Bai
  • Blend: No
  • Form: Hand packed pearls
  • Price: 20 USD/100g
  • Origin

  • Place: China, province Fujian
  • Year: 2018
  • Flush: Early spring
  • Altitude: 2,100 m
  • Seller: Oxalis
  • Link: Here
  • Brewing

  • Brewing style: Gong Fu
  • Water temperature: 80 °C
  • Tea mount: 6 g
  • Water amount: cca 150 ml
  • Infusion time: 25 s
  • Number of infusions: 3
  • Water: filtered

  • Sensation


    Dry leaf

    Leafs are rolled up to egg shaped pearls about the size of the cherry stone. They are visible dark green with strands of beige hairs. Transitions between colors looks like batik. Even though the leaves were rolled up carefully, the pearls are quite bumpy. Overall, this tea is very aesthetically interesting.

    Wet leaf

    Large dim green leaves. They are still whole. A petiole is lighter than the rest of the leaf. Some leaves still have rolled edges. Sometimes yellowish veins are visible.


    Light yellow to pale beige color. The infusion is very clear.


    Dry leaf

    Fresh aroma of blooming meadow. Also jasmine and fresh apple juice. The aroma of lemon grass and baked sponge cake is also present very easily.

    Wet leaf

    After the pouring, the aroma is much fresher and more vegetative. Mowed grass and peppermint toothpaste. The aroma of cucumber is also hidden in the background. Still very sweet smell. Like when you go out in the summer after a long rain.

    Empty cup

    Dried apricots, butter biscuits and roasted chestnuts.



    Very strong and stiff. It carries a lot of taste.


    Dominates the taste of jasmine and sweet chestnuts. Overall, the infusion is very vegetable. The taste also includes daisies and sunflower seeds. The taste is pleasantly fresh. Ideal tea for long summer days.


    This tea has decided to end the bitterness of dandelion.


    This tea has simple taste and refreshes on a hot summer evening. I quite liked it myself. Its pleasant simplicity makes it valuable even for non-tea professionals. I think it is definitely worth a try.