Golden Nepal FTGFOP1 first flush


Every time I end my lesson at Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles Unicersity I go by small cozy shop. When you enter it you will see tables full of tins with tea and behind the cash register a young pretty disheveled lady with big glasses. I always buy diferent tea there hoping to come across some tea gem. This review will be about one of the candidates.

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Tea info

  • Name: Golden Nepal
  • Type: Black tea
  • Quality: FTGFOP1
  • Blend: No
  • Form: Loose leave
  • Price: 8 USD/100g
  • Origin

  • Place: Nepal
  • Year: 2019
  • Flush: First - the fourth week of March until the end of April
  • Altitude: 1500+ m
  • Seller: Čajový krámek
  • Link: Here
  • Brewing

  • Brewing style: Gong Fu
  • Water temperature: 90°C
  • Tea amount: 4g
  • Water amount: cca 200ml
  • Infusion time: 15 s
  • Number of infusions: 4
  • Water: filtered

  • Sensation


    Dry leaf

    Visually interesting fine heterogeneous mixture. Contains small leafs with petioles. The leaves have a wide range of shades from green to brown to gray. There are also small tips with yellow hairs. Rarely can be found pieces of fine twigs.

    Wet leaf

    The leaves unfolded. Sawtooth edges are clearly visible. The colors of the leafs are more unified. The veins were greatly emphasized. Overall the leaves look like freshly picked.


    Honey amber color. Very warm shade. Like the hair of a young beautiful redhead in the sunshine.


    Dry leaf

    Very sweet aroma. There are notes of raisins, cabernet wines, barley malt and dried rose petals.

    Wet leaf

    Aroma is very highlighted. Pouring through rowans, maple syrup, red wine. It also reminds of smell when cutting fresh deciduous wood.

    Empty cup

    Cane sugar. Light cigar. Freshly baked honey cake.



    Pleasantly rough. Heavily milky.


    Powerful rich flavor. Very warm and bright. The taste of fine tobacco and quality old wisky matured in wooden barrels. There are also tones of smoke from burning fresh wood. The flavor of freshly roasted coffee and decent minerality are also showing themself.


    Wooden tannin with coffee taste. Pleasant and long lasting.


    I am very pleased with this tea. Very rich taste and beautiful aroma. It is very similar to teas from northern Darjeeling but the higher altitude has increased its intensity. Gold tips have a great share in the taste which refreshes tea very much. It is obvious that it is result of high quality and gentle processing. It is the best black tea I've tried in some time.