GABA Oolong cake


Until now, I have been using a camera built into my phone to document tea for reviews. But this tea forced me to use the SLR, because the contrast of dark leaves on a white background was too much for my poor iPhone to handle. The photos had a broken exposure and were unusable. See for yourself. The SLR has worked for me, so I decided to make future reviews with it. This complication is also the reason why the disc in the photo below is already broken.

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Tea info

  • Name: 加碼茶茶餅
  • Meaning: Gama-amin butter acid oolong
  • Type: Oolong
  • Cultivar: Bai Lu
  • Quality: Natural Farming
  • Blend: No
  • Form: Pressed cake
  • Price: 29 USD/100g
  • Origin

  • Place: Ming Jian, Nantou Country, Taiwan
  • Year: 2019
  • Altitude: 300-400 m
  • Seller: Klasektea.cz
  • Link: Here
  • Brewing

  • Brewing style: Gong Fu
  • Water temperature: 85 °C
  • Amount: 5 g
  • Water: cca 150 ml
  • Infusion time: 30 s
  • Number of infusions: 6
  • Water: filtered

  • Sensation


    Dry leaf

    The disk is 13cm in diameter and 1cm heigh. Colors are mixing to each other like painting by Vincent van Gogha. There is alot alot of shades of brown. The darkest shades are reminding me of the typical color on old faded paintings in church and the lightest color of salty caramel.

    Wet leaf

    The leaves, even after a few brews, still remain twisted like a crepe. The teapot looks full of damp raven feathers.


    Handsome color of dark honey. Almost indistinguishable from Caribbean rums.


    Dry leaf

    Wonderful scent. Dominates sweet aroma of freshly of cut stone fruit. You can also smell a welder with oranges from the Christmas market on the Old Town Square.

    Wet leaf

    Freshly cut cherries and plums, red wine and sweet pastries.

    Empty cup

    Resin and honey. It is interesting how much it differs from the aroma of the leaves.



    Gentle but pronounced.


    Forest honey and dark bread with cracked crust. I also remembered the nuts in the candy that my parents had bought me as a child on the fair.


    It ends with fresh fruity acidity.


    This tea is definitely one of the ones that one must try at least once in a lifetime. Not only because of its uniqueness, but also because of its simple preparation. It is one of the few teas that does not become bitter at all, even when brewed for a long time. I highly recommend it to people who do not yet have much experience with making tea.